Our Charity

The Crystal Card Project donates its proceeds to help victims of domestic violence – an all too frequent occurrence in our society.


About My Sister’s Place

Founded in 1985, My Sister’s Place serves all victims of domestic violence and is one of only two confidential domestic violence shelters in the East Valley. When victims come to this shelter, they are provided with a private and comforting environment for their safety and recovery. The shelter serves individuals as well as parents with their children.  While most are mothers with children, men too can be victims and some families served have been fathers with their children.

My Sister’s Place provides safety planning, case management and skill/resource building to empower clients to advocate for themselves and truly make a permanent change to their situation.  The program also assists with after-care planning, employment, information and referral to transitional programs, affordable housing and furniture, food and other items. My Sister’s Place has a dedicated childhood case worker who provides therapeutic children’s programming, including art and pet therapy. My Sister’s Place is part of the Catholic Charities.  See or click:  https://www.catholiccharitiesaz.org/phoenix/domestic-violence

     The Crystal Card Project donations help with the following kinds of expenses:

  • Replacement of legal documents like driver’s licenses and official copies of birth certificates – the kinds of documents that abusers often hold so victims cannot escape. Without these documents, people cannot seek jobs or housing.

  • Basic necessities like clothing and school supplies. These families often leave the abuser with only the clothes on their back to be able to safely escape without detection.  They need to replace the most basic things we all take for granted.

  • Bus passes and funds to help travel to job interviews, work or school/training programs safely.

  • Supplies for the shelter and the families to assist in assuring availability of sufficient food, household supplies, and other necessities.

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